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BPUT has chalked out an elaborate and exhaustive programme of study to make student managers matching to job requirement of today's business environment. Each year, the University draws an academic calendar which is non negotiable and strictly be adhered to.
As per University notification, curriculum and syllabus shall be modified with approval of Academic Council positively once in every three years to keep the same up-to-date.
At the beginning of each Semester (except first) every student has to register for subjects that he/she wishes to study. Only such registered students will be allowed to attend classes and appear at examinations. The University has also made provision for those students who are promoted to next year with backlogs.

The University follows a letter grading system. A seven point grading system one base of 10 is followed by the University.

The MBA programme consists of following items.  

1. Theory
2. Practical / Lab
3. Summer Training
4. Business Awareness & Presentation
5. Seminar
6. Dissertation & Comprehensive Viva


The schedule for these items along with their credit points for each Semester shall be as per rules approved by Academic council from time to time.

At the end of each Semester, there shall be an examination (herein after called end term examination) conducted by the University. 

The University has provided detailed rules covering end term examinations, evaluation of theory papers, and mid- term activities such as summer project, major project, laboratory works and seminar etc.

The performance of a candidate in a theory subject shall be evaluated based on the following components:-

a) End term comprehensive examination 70 points
b) Two class tests of one-hour duration 30 points
100 points



Subject: -

Subject: -

Managing Organizations
Managerial Economics

Quantitative Techniques

Organization Behavior

Financial Accounting for Managers

Marketing Management-I

English Communication Skills

IT Practices for Managers (Lab)

English Communication Skills (Lab)

Business & Corporate Law
Cost Management 

Elective 1

Elective 2

Elective 3

Elective 4

Personality Development Lab
Summer Project Presentation & Viva



Subject: -

Subject: -

Marketing Management- II

Financial Management
Human Resource Management
Operation Management

Financial Markets and Institutions

Business Research Methods

Management Information Systems

Managerial Communication & Practices
Business Awareness and Presentation

Strategic Management

Ethics and CSR

Elective 5

Elective 6

Elective 7

Elective 8

Dissertation & Comprehensive Viva



Dissertation is spread over four Semester. 4th Semester evaluation shall carry 4 credits or final submission of dissertation and presentation.


In accordance with the BPUT (University) syllabus, students may have their choice of specialization subject papers from any two of the following Five Groups: -

Group - I Marketing Management
Group - II Finance Management
Group - III Human Resource Management
Group - IV Production & Operation Management
Group - V System & IT

Marketing Area
1 Consumer Behavior (CB)
2 Sales & Distribution Management
3 Service Marketing (SM)
4 Retail Management (RM)
Finance Area
1 Corporate Restructure and Valuation (CRV)
2 Security and Portfolio Management (SAPM)
3 Project Appraisal (PA)
4 Industrial Derivative (FD)
HR Area
1 Compensation and Reward Management
2 Human Resource Development (HRD)
3 Performance Management (PM)
4 Industrial Relations (IR)
IT Area
1 Software Engineering (SE)
2 Networking Management (NM)
3 Data Base Management (DBM)
4 Information Security & Cyber Law (ISCL)
Operations Area
1 Supply Chain Management (SCM)
2 Total Quality Management (TQM)
3 Project & Operations Management (POM)
4 Innovation & Technology Management (ITM)
Award of Degree:

The degree certificate and the mark sheet shall be awarded to the successful candidates by the University. The degree shall be general MBA degree. I t will not mention any specialisation. The transcript showing the subjects cleared shall show the focus of the candidate.

In order to pass the MBA program a candidate must secure at least Pass Grade in each of the Theory, Practical, Project and Viva Voce items and has secured a minimum of CGPA of 5.50. Further, he/she must have fulfilled the academic requirements to be eligible for award of the degree.

The overall performance of a successful candidate for the award of a degree shall be based on the combined results of all the examinations of the MBA programme.

A candidate's level of competence shall be categorised in accordance with the Cumulative Grade Point Average.

A candidate shall be eligible to be admitted to the Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree of the University provided he/she

has cleared the minimum prescribed credit requirements with minimum of pass grade in each Theory subject and C Grade for other subject items,

  • has cleared the minimum prescribed credit requirements with minimum of pass grade in each Theory subject and C Grade for other subject items,

  • has secured minimum CGPA of 5.50 or above,

  • has no disciplinary or court cases relating to College/University matters pending against him/her, and

  • has not been convicted for any cognizable offence.

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