Approved by : AICTE

Affiliated to : BPUT

Recognized by : Govt. of Odisha

Registered under : Societies Act XXI of                                1860.





Wi Fi Campus (With Board Band Lease Line Lnline Also )

With the growing emphasis on Human Resource Information Systems (HRIS), it is now being recognized as a separate academic discipline with a high focus on HRIS solutions and implementation. A well designed information system acts as a catalyst in providing necessary inputs to business solutions in order to meet business challenges.Management Information System is concerned with internal source of information. Executive Support Systems help senior management to make strategic decisions.

Decision Support Systems are designed to help management to make decisions where there are uncertainties.A well designed HRIS helps an organization out-perform its competitors

Its components include collection, processing, and storing and dissemination of information to support decision making, coordination, control, and analysis in an organization.

Consequently, the academic and professional institutions specially engaged in management education maintain a highly sophisticated and systematic computer laboratory to provide adequate exposure to the students as per Programme contents prescribed by University.

To keep itself at par with competitive institutions, RCEM has a spacious air conditioned and acoustically controlled Computers Laboratory fitted with Broadband lease line internet facility equipped with latest Pentium processors loaded with windows, NT, Visual Basic, Visual C++, Oracle-8.0 with developer 2000, JAVA and Visual Fox pro, etc.The ratio of students to computer is maintained as prescribed by AICTE and system operates in line with local area Net Work (LAN) and always remains in touch with server.

Students are allowed E-mail facility, access to critical programs data and sharing of input/output devices. Computer laboratory is used as a centralized system providing connection to terminals to faculty rooms and administrative office. To facilitate data collection, down loading printing and scanning devices are maintained qualified computer Programmer maintains Laboratory.